Among the many services that we provide at Astral Web, enterprise portal sites are one of the our key specialties, apart from SEOLocal SEOResponsive Web DesignBanner & Logo DesignSocial MediaInternet MarketingPPCWeb HostingMagento & Magento GO Transfer and Custom Development. For our enterprise portals, we provide B2B and B2C link pipes, as well as services such as web coding.  In addition, we also provide the following services:

  • Planning Portal

    If you are still having trouble deciding what to provide with your business website, do not fear – we can help you make a professional analysis, as well as make recommendations regarding the planning of your site, taking into account user needs as well as your business layout plan.  We can set up your portal so that, at a glance, users can instantly see a menu and know where their information is located.  Managers information can also be arranged in a way that is easy to manage.

  • Blogs and Forums

    In recent years, blogs have evolved from mere online diaries into vehicles for marketing, the dissemination of information as well as other uses.  If your enterprise demands blogs or discussion boards, we can help.  A corporate blog can make it easy to spread information about the latest company developments, as well as encourage increased interaction with the users.  Alternatively, a discussion forum can provide a mutual exchange of information, making your site more active and vibrant.

  • Resources, file download

    If your company has technical files available for download, we can help you enable this feature on your website.  Rather than manually specific files, a download page gives customers easy access to what they are looking for: improved efficiency.

  • Multi-language interface

    As our company originated in the United States, we can provide a professional English interface.  In addition, we offer capabilities to assist you in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, and Russian.  Such a multi-language interface is crucial for a business to expand internationally.