Astral Web provides numerous services including SEOLocal SEOResponsive Web DesignBanner & Logo DesignSocial MediaInternet MarketingPPCWeb HostingMagento & Magento GO Transfer, as well as Custom Development. Whether your site deals with cultural events, product promotion, image promotion, music, or art, we can help you complete your site plan. We can provide you with different marketing methods, tailored to each of your target markets.  For example, marketing from business to business (B2B), and marketing from business to consumer (B2C) will provide you with the most effective methods for reaching all potential customers.

We offer the following services:

  • Integration of cash flow and logistics

    In B2B (business to business) situations, the logistics of financial transactions are often quite different from that of the average consumer, with the typical use of bank transfers, checks, and other types of payments.  Likewise, shipping and receiving can be quite different as well.  We can help you integrate financial transactions, shipping transactions and other types of logistical information directly into your website.  This enables simple, straightforward access, making previously complicated procedures more efficient, helping to improve the company’s bottom line.

  • Multi-language interface

    The internet empowers your company to reach customers all over the globe.  To help maximize this opportunity, we provide a multi-language interface. In arts promotion, for example, this would provide English explanations, enabling foreigners to understand Taiwanese culture and customs.  For another example, in agriculture, an English interface provides export opportunities for Taiwan’s agricultural products.