Since Magento 2.4.0, Elasticsearch has become the default indexation tool; however, some small issues might occur as well; being the most important not able to index correctly, requiring some Linux skills. If after executing a reindex you consider the performance of the indexing has been decreased this article might help you.

The first step is to check if ElasticSearch is running correctly by executing “curl -X GET” as follows:

If you don’t get the ElasticSearch information that means you are not connected to the cluster, so please check your connectivity and/or try to restart the ElasticSearch service/server.

The same curl command provides more powerful options for browsing the current indexes.

The display of the CURL GET command by the index would be very long but it will give an idea of how healthy your service/server is.

If you still consider that not all indexes are being handled correctly you can delete all indexes with the DELETE option.

The above “acknowledged” message means that all indexes have been deleted; letting you trigger a new re-index and let ElasticSearch rebuild itself.