Point of Sale (POS) ordering systems are typically used in physical stores, recording sales activities and customer information, as well as the management of orders and inventory.

For businesses with both physical and online operations, incorporating data from both channels into a single database is extremely valuable for both performance intelligence and unified operations. It’s an essential component to any ERP or CRM system..

As with all system integrations, we place an emphasis on the planning phase of a POS system integration. In addition to technical requirements, we consider existing workflows and a company’s high level goals when designing an outline for an integration and its implementation.

As we move through development and testing phases, all stakeholders are included to ensure that all aspects of the integration are performing as expected at different levels of operation.

Finally, we work closely with clients to ensure that those directly involved with related functions have a solid understanding of how to perform their daily operations.

If you’re interested in unifying your brick and mortar operations with your digital presence, we’d encourage you to get in touch to begin a conversation about the ideal solution for your growth.

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