Responsive Design

One of the most important components of any ecommerce site, Astral Web has been providing comprehensive professional, responsive website design for nearly a decade.

The Right Tone

As the public face of your company, we go to great lengths to ensure that we’re presenting your brand and your products through a consistent, tailor-made design. A variety of factors, including corporate image/culture, target audience, product line, and industry trends are all taken into account to create the most effective design.

Intuitive User Interface

A visually striking website is great, but if visitors can’t easily navigate to the most relevant products and content, an awesome design isn’t being leveraged to maximize the site’s efficacy.  Expected customer flows are taken into consideration and incorporated into the design to maximize user engagement and put the next step right in front of them.

With the rapid increase in mobile and tablet connectivity, responsive web design (RWD) is applied to all projects, ensuring consistent quality and usability across mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Under the Hood

Whether it’s Magento, Shopify, or WordPress, a thorough understanding of each platforms strengths, capabilities, and limitations informs our design process. Moreover, we stay on top of the latest technology (e.g. responsive web apps, lazy load, AMP) so that our designs don’t just look good in a mockup – they’re implemented with matching performance to maximize their potential.