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Magento is a flexible, scalable ecommerce platform appropriate for medium and large businesses. Astral Web and our clients choose to work with Magento due to its features and its open-source flexibility that allows virtually any function to be added and any system to be integrated.

Out of the box, Magento includes powerful ecommerce functions, including the ability to manage multiple store views and websites through a single installation, multilingual setup (both frontend and backend), as well as comprehensive order, inventory and marketing management functions.

Businesses appreciate a large degree of control over the look, feel and content of Magento sites with the ability to easily update both product and marketing content without the need for developers.

Last but not least is Magento’s customization potential, allowing addition of custom functions and integrations to the specific needs of each business. Whether it’s unique front end functions to assist with a specific conversion process or integration with ERP, CRM or POS system, Magento is flexible enough to satisfy today’s requirements and tomorrow’s growth plans.

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