Astral Web is experienced in implementing WordPress as a solution for content-focused websites. This may be a lead generation site, a content-only corporate website, or a blog that’s integrated into an ecommerce site.

As an open source platform, WordPress can be customized to support unique functions and flows where other content platforms are more restrictive. These customizations can be written internally or added through some of the thousands of existing plugins supported by an established WordPress developer community.

Additional advantages include:

  1. SEO-Friendly: A number of plugins allow site admins to take control of SEO. Marketers and developers have a greater degree of access to technical details that can be leveraged to increase a site’s organic search visibility.
  2. Ability to integrate with Magento and other ecommerce solutions.
  3. Design flexibility: Unrestricted design options allow for fully customized UI and UX.
  4. Free!