If you just installed the newest PhpStorm version or just upgraded from a previous version you might notice that the Magento PhpStorm plugin is not working; not showing any plugin-related menu nor allowing you to autogenerate code, reducing your job efficiency.

You are also sure that you followed the correct steps for installing the plugin but it still not working, even worse, the PHP -> Frameworks section is also missing from the IDE.

What happened?  

It turns out that since PhpStorm 2021 1.1, the PHP frameworks section is independently listed at the top on File->Settings, and for some reason, this detail is also missing from the official PhpStorm documentation:

That section will look exactly the same as previous PhpStorm versions, just click on Enable Magento Integration and select the Magento installation path.

After clicking OK the IDE will reindex and the menus will start displaying all the cool features from the plugin, speeding up your code development.

Happy coding!