Remarketing aims to improve website conversion rates through targeting those individuals who’ve already demonstrated a degree of interest in your website.

There are many methods of remarketing, some of the most common tools being Facebook, Google Adwords, emails, and phone calls. For example, suppose someone has entered website A, shown a desire to purchase an item by putting it in his or her shopping cart, but left before completing the final checkout form. In such a case, remarketing allows us to identify this individual, and then show them a targeted ad or message designed to convert their initial intention into a completed action.

We specialize in customer segmentation, to help you create ads that are truly targeted at the specific needs of your customers. Knowledge of factors such as gender, age, and specific interests of an individual can be invaluable in efforts to bring them back to your website.

Ultimately, whether it is individuals who’ve purchased from you before, or those who’ve only expressed an interest through your site, Astral Web’s expertise can help you reach out to this market in the most effective way possible.