Magento Cloud, as the name suggests, runs on cloud. Means that, they already have all the network and infrastructure configured for you and they work great. You don’t need to worry about those things, and you as a Magento developer, can just focus on developing your site.

Since it runs on the “cloud”, then you may not have all the flexibility to customize your nginx, firewall, and other infrastructure aspects. There might be cases where you need to integrate some third party apps to your Magento. One example is you usually need to have a wordpress blog running under /blog of your Magento installation.

In order to do this on Magento Cloud, you need to utilize the Fastly module. Fastly comes by default with your Magento Cloud, so you don’t need to pay anything extra for that.

In order to route specific path to an external service, you need to do the following on your Magento admin:

  1. Enable Fastly CDN
  2. Enable Fastly Edge Modules
  3. Create Edge Dictionary
  4. Add new Fastly Backend Service
  5. Configure Other CMS / backend integration Edge Module

Magento cloud documentation and it’s Github has already covered most of the aspects I mentioned above. However, there are some details that haven’t been explained clearly for the Edge Dictionary. For example, if you want to route /blog to your wordpress site, then you will need to add a dictionary item with key blog and value 1. This is very important to highlight otherwise your custom route won’t work. Overall, to enable this function, you will only need less than 15 minutes to configure everything. But if you miss a step (like us!), then it might get you two days!