Great Alternatives to SMX Advanced Seattle: June 5-6, 2012

As a small business and growing SEO and internet marketing company we understand the importance of going to industry conferences, learning new tactics and being involved in the mass-group energy of SEO’ers. Conferences are great for networking, their amazing workshops and speeches by leading experts (Would love to meet Rand Fishkin one of these days…) but on the other hand for a growing company it is not that easy for us to spend any extra $2,000 on a few days of a conference.

Expenses for one are:
– $1,095 for a workshop pass – All access passes have been sold out.
Based on above, guessing All Access Pass at around $1,395

– Flight from San Diego (just checked orbitz rates) – $370

– Hotel for 2 nights – Roughly $100/night for more affordable hotel

Total Spending – $1,395 + $370 + $200 = $1,965

See Our $2,000 Alternatives

ALTERNATIVE 1 – Using $2,000 in Adwords Campaign

As a short simple calculation based on old data

– Adwords “SEO San Diego” variation terms @ $6/click.
– Roughly we will be able to get 333 clicks for $2,000.
– Conversion Rate for new customers at 1% for roughly 3 new clients.
– Average Client fee per month – $650 with contract for 12 months

Estimated revenue – 3 x $650 x 12 = $23,400 in a year

ALTERNATIVE 2 – Using $2,000 to Buy a 3D Printer and Play with Arduino

Since the first time that i saw a 3D printer, which by the way was a MakerBot, i absolutely loved it. The idea of DIY and the growing power of the individual in thanks to the internet and technology have been mind blowing to me. Arduino is another example of DIY power.

ALTERNATIVE 3 – Using $2,000 for a Paid All-Inclusive Vacation in Mexico

Will return with hundreds of photos to post on facebook…

ALTERNATIVE 4 – Buy my Dog new Toys

ALTERNATIVE 5 – Save $2,000 for SMX West Las Vegas