Someone Hacked our Blog – WordPress Conditional Hack GoogleBot

Symptoms We Had (WordPress Version 3.3.2):
Part 1. Google Results started showing our blog post meta description in french???

Part 2. Then we started seeing “This site may be compromised.”

Part 3. We posted on Google Forums and a nice person named Lysis responded – You have a wordpress conditional hack. Look at your site in Use the Googlebot user agent option, and you can see the content being added to the page.

And we found this suspicious code in our header.php file.

Part 4. We deleted the line of code in the header.php file and deleted the folder dodo

Common Guys. Can’t you stop with your BS

UPDATE #2 – Don’t forget to change permissions on your theme files to uninclude “write” so it doesn’t happen again.

Hope this helps!