Great Queries for Finding Guest Posts, Mentions and Links

While in the middle of a large competitor link analysis for one of our clients, we decided to include the below queries which helped us gain high quality links. Enjoy and play with the terms to fine tune.

submit news
contact editors
send press release
submit press release
business owners
list your business
claim your business
contact us (and look for editor submissions, news ideas, local …..)
about us (and look for editor submissions, news ideas, local …..)
submission(s) page
product submissions (for ecommerce sites)
submit article(s)
wish to contribute
familiarizing yourself with
familiarize yourself
employee discounts
employee discounts submit
student discount
vendor enroll discount OR discounts
“If you are a vendor”
submit inurl:vendor
[keyword] -“This thread is closed to new comments.” site:
“list your business”
“add your [keyword]”

Don’t waste your old work – reindex

Today is another day of great optimization tips and we would like to mention the following tip:


Keeping tracv of your work is extremely important and every once in awhile we need to make sure that the search engines remember and us and ofcourse index our links and efforts.

See our links below that are not indexed and we will update the number of indexed and how long it took.

Remember, you already spent time working on them so let’s get the rankings for them

Let’s do it~