Check Load Speed of Webpage

In order to analyze how fast your website or specific webpage loads, you will want to use an analysis tool. We like using especially because it shows the specifics of load time and helps us find bottlenecks and issues with our site.

Step 1: Go to

Gtmetrix Tool

Step 2: Check Website/Webpage

Enter into text box your specific webpage and click on “Go”

Step 3: Look into Data

Take a look at the “Breakdown” and “Recommendations”

Especially look into tabs

– pagespeed
– yslow
– timeline
– history

Page Speed Data

Page Speed Timeline

Video Transcription:

Hey everybody. creating another site speed tip video and just wanted to talk about how do i and webmasters, site owners figure out how fast is there website loading. one tool that we use a lot is it’s not our site, just a simple tool. i think they do a really great job at diagnosing each part of how the site loads. so all you have to do is go to, insert your domain name. let’s insert ours for example and click on go. it’ll fetch the page and then figure out what’s taking time and give you some information about how long is it loading, what are the specific parts and what can you improve. so you can take those guidelines and improve the site in general. so once i did this i put our website right here and it gave us a page speed grade of a 96% and y slow page grade of b. and it tells us that the entire website with css and javascript loaded in 2.7 seconds. the total page size size including all external pages, html, javascript and css and there were 47 different files including php and css. so this is how long the website took to load, 2.7 seconds. and you know maybe this is sufficient for you or not but if you go down here, there are 4 tabs and it’ll tell you what you’re scoring in each of the things, and of course try to improve the ones that you have bad grades. one example of speeding up website load is instead of having separtae images you can combine some of them in css sprites and have multiple in one so the browser fetches less images. the next tab is yslow, and on and on. so you can see all of these improvements to do and the other thing i really like looking at is the timeline and that shows you how long ever single file took to do fetch and not just how to fetch but also each component of dns, server wait and transfer. so you can see the php file, the index file, took .1 seconds and on and on. and you can figure out if you have 404’s or specific very large files or take a long time to download. hope you enjoyed this. thanks!