What Do Top SEO’s Say on Twitter? (Tag Cloud)

We wanted to see what the top SEO’s say on twitter (and here’s what we found)

Rand Fishkin


Barry Schwartz


Max Minzer


Wil Reynolds


Danny Sullivan


David Mihm


Jon Cooper


Matt Cutts


Tools used to create:
allmytweets – downloaded latest 3200 tweets while hiding replies and retweets
tagxedo – added terms to tagxedo, profile pic of SEO’s and removed terms such as “mon-fri”, “jan-dec”, “http”


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Intro to Custom Timelines in Twitter (+Tweetdeck)

In this article, we’ll explain and introduce you to Twitter’s custom timeline functionality. Custom timelines are a way for you to organize your twitter timeline into specific themes or topics that you choose instead of having a general timeline with everything. It’s a great way to focus a specific topic while sharing and growing an idea or subject.

In order to create and work with custom timelines you will need to use Twitter’s Tweetdeck:

Steps to add a new timeline

a. Login to Tweetdeck

Go to tweetdeck.com and login


b. Add new timeline

Go to the left hand navigation, click on the “+” sign and click on “custom timeline” and “Create new” or edit existing.


Name your custom timeline in box and add description


How to add tweets to timeline

option a – hover over desired tweet over arrow icon and drag to custom timeline.

option b – hover over desired tweet, click on “more” button and “add to custom timeline”, then checkbox the desired custom timeline name.


How to share custom timeline

In order to share custom timeline, click on share button. You can do the following:

a. Embed on website

Customize widget and copy and paste code into your website or blog


b. See on twitter.com and copy url


* also can get embed code from twitter page

c. Tweet about timeline


That’s it. Let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be happy to help!