Shopify App Bridge 2 is the latest SDK for any custom APP uploaded to Shopify. In the past, EASDK was one of the most popular SDK used by developers for utilizing the Shopify platform; however, this one is not supported anymore by the Shopify platform, leading to all apps using EASDK to be deleted in the near future. For this reason, Shopify is urging all partners developers to upgrade to Shopify App Bridge 2.

The upgrading process requires a function substitution at the App’s Javascript level, luckily Shopify documentation documentation is very complete on how to achieve this task.

Upgrade basics

The first step is to find the javascript import for the old EASDK and replace it with the new Shopify App Bridge script.


<script src=”“></script>


<script src=”[email protected]“></script>

Referencing to [email protected] will let the APP use the latest Shopify App Bridge 2, however, if another version is required it can be changed to something like [email protected]

The second step is to replace the EASDK init function for the new createApp function


ShopifyApp.init ({

apiKey: “<? php echo $ this-> config-> item (‘shopify_api_key’);?>”,

shopOrigin: “https: //” + current_shop,

debug: true,

forceRedirect: true



var AppBridge = window [‘app-bridge’];

var createApp = AppBridge.default;

var app = createApp ({

apiKey: “<? php echo $ this-> config-> item (‘shopify_api_key’);?>”,

shop: current_shop,

shopOrigin: current_shop,


Finally, the following steps is to find for any call to ShopifyApi to the equivalence in Shopify App Bridge 2, for example, the process for replacing a Toast would be as follows:




var AppBridge = window [‘app-bridge’];

var actions = AppBridge.actions;

var Toast = actions.Toast;

const toastOptions = {

message: ‘Error ‘,

duration: 5000,

isError: true,


const toastNotice = Toast.create (app, toastOptions);

toastNotice.dispatch (Toast.Action.SHOW);

A complete reference on how to substitute the old EADK functions can be found in the official Shopify documentation.

Finally, after upgrading to Shopify App Bridge 2, please remember to update to the latest Shopify API version and test for discarding any unexpected issue after the upgrading.