As part of its solution, Magento Cloud facilitates changing the services for any particular environment; reducing also the risks of causing a conflict within components.

When upgrading a service, its version needs to be compatible with the Magento host version. The following table can be referenced for helping to determine the correct service version.

ServiceAdobe Commerce 2.4.xAdobe Commerce 2.3.5 ~2.3.9
elasticsearch7.7, 7.96.8, 7.5, 7.7, 7.9
mysql/mariadb10.2, 10.410.1 ~10.3
rabbitmq3.83.7, 3.8
redis5.x, 6.x5.x, 6.x

For instance, for Magento 2.3.7, a valid selection would be as follows:

  • elasticsearch:7.7
  • mysql/mariadb:10.2
  • rabbitmq:3.8
  • redis:5.0

For changing a service version, the file .magento/services.yaml must be edited. For example:

Original service definition:


    type: elasticsearch:6.0

    disk: 1024

Updated service definition:


    type: elasticsearch:7.7

    disk: 1024

Commit the changes and push the changes for activating a redeploy:

git add –all

git commit -m “Upgraded elasticsearch service”

git push <remote> <branch>

After redeploying open a tunnel via Magento CLI:

mgc tunnel:open

mgc tunnel:info

And check the service version for confirming the upgrade:



        username: null


        type: ‘elasticsearch:7.7’


After confirmation, the environment can be used as normal.