Responsive Design

The modern-day ubiquity of smartphones and tablet PCs has necessitated the need for websites that can automatically adjust their appearance, so they look great on any screen size – be it a small 3.5″ smartphone or a large 27″ computer monitor.  This is known as responsive design – the website senses what type of device the visitor is using, and then responds with the appropriate site layout.  The layout adjustments include pictures of different sizes, reconfigured menus, forum interface changes, and many other adjustments making the transition from computer to table to smartphone one that is painless and seamless.

Recently, responsive design has become particularly important in the realm of e-commerce.  As the market for e-commerce websites becomes saturated, mobile commerce becomes a more attractive market to break into.  Mobile commerce empowers your customers by making ordering simple and instantaneous – enabling a higher number of sales by going after those customers who are too busy to sit down in front of a PC and shop online.  Responsive design make your website simple and easy to use for all your customers – regardless of what device they’re using.