Point of Sale (POS) ordering systems are typically used in physical stores, recording sales activities and enabling the retention of customer information, as well as the management of orders and inventory.  The POS system gives the staff at the front desk an understanding of the data from product sales and consumer behavior.

In order to meet the demand of their customers, many physical stores have opened up complementary online stores, giving customers the option of convenient, online shopping.  Using Magento, we can help you integrate your POS system with your online website, allowing each store to update their sales profiles simultaneously, sharing both online and offline information in the background.  When an item is sold in the physical store, inventory can immediately be updated.  In addition to merchandise inventory control, the integration also allows for the easy access and management of membership information.  This means that when new members join the online store, physical stores also receive the customer information.

In addition to the integration of POS systems, we also offer Magento Integration with ERP systems, Magento integration with CRM systems, as well as other services.  For these or any other  system integration requirements you may have, please contact us!