Magento provides basic customer management however, if your company’s many customers want to use more professional CRM customer management system, we can help you do that as well!

CRM is a customer-centric system, which can effectively safeguard customer data, draw conclusions, understand customer preferences, and help to promote the development of customer relationships. Astral Web knows the importance of customer maintenance. Through the consolidation of information, you can both better position yourself to take advantage of customer preferences, while at the same time enhancing goodwill. We care about you, but also care about your customers, which is why we provide the Magento shopping cart system and CRM customer management system integration. These ultimately allow companies to operate more efficiently through coherent data.

Magento is an open shopping cart system, and thus is easy to integrate various systems. For example, ERP systems integrate with Magento, and Magento integrated POS system. We are happy to sync your existing systems with Magento!