Astral Web provides web hosting services. We have multiple servers running Magento and WordPress, and we have optimized acceleration features that make the site faster and more stable. The Magento shopping cart system makes it easy for consumers to use, and it is also highly efficient, providing fast page load times.  This is important as a slow website will try customer patience, resulting in missed sales opportunities.


  • Linux operating system server.
  • Environmental support for PHP, MySQL and so on.
  • Daily backup of site data.
  • SSD solid state hard disks inside the server, providing quick and efficient access.
  • Support for a Content Delivery Network (CDN), reducing the burden on the host, accelerating website speed.
  • Web hosting services both in Asia and the United States.
  • Cloud hosting services.
  • Dedicated hosting entity hosting services.

We know how important your site is to you and your business.  For any and all business website questions and concerns do not hesitate to contact us!