Great Queries for Finding Guest Posts, Mentions and Links

While in the middle of a large competitor link analysis for one of our clients, we decided to include the below queries which helped us gain high quality links. Enjoy and play with the terms to fine tune.

submit news
contact editors
send press release
submit press release
business owners
list your business
claim your business
contact us (and look for editor submissions, news ideas, local …..)
about us (and look for editor submissions, news ideas, local …..)
submission(s) page
product submissions (for ecommerce sites)
submit article(s)
wish to contribute
familiarizing yourself with
familiarize yourself
employee discounts
employee discounts submit
student discount
vendor enroll discount OR discounts
“If you are a vendor”
submit inurl:vendor
[keyword] -“This thread is closed to new comments.” site:
“list your business”
“add your [keyword]”

Google Base Change and More Ads

Ever since we heard the Google announcement 2 weeks ago about paid inclusion for base products, we were a little shocked.

Today is the first day that we can see even more ads with the base sponsored ads section. Now all organic results are hidden before the scroll on my laptop. WHAT!!!!

Submit your Blog Link Building List

A quick list for you to submit your blog to:

Local SEO Tips 2012

After reading over another amazing David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors, i wanted to include below a few of Astral Web’s favorites.

See our Favorites

– NAP in hCard /

– GeoTagged Media Associated with Business (e.g. Panoramio, Flickr, YouTube)

– City, State in Most/All H1/H2 Tags

– Quantity of MyMaps References to Business

– Matching, Public WHOIS Information

– Velocity of Check-Ins on Popular Services (e.g. Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter)

PLUS (Astral Web Added) – Number of Citations from Same City Newspapers (for example – ocregister mention, latimes mention, etc)

A New Meaning to Image Optimization

Most webmaster and bloggers still have not caught up setting up author attriubutes in order to enhance their organic listings in Google, but for some industries (seo as an easy example) and for some result pages we are starting to fill up with author attributes and suddenly they don’t stand out anymore.

I guess there shortly will be a new definition for “image optimization” in order to raise your CTR. Maybe your image with a flying monkey or ……. We will soon find out how creative people can get and see new job descriptions -> i am a photographer and seo image optimization headshot-ist