This is Ori Tzvielli from Astral Web. We are a local web development company.
I’d like to share this simple guide on how to setup a website for your acting practice.
Please note that there is a small fee for domain name ownership and website hosting. This is now offered at just $99/year. (we are notaffiliated with wordpress)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected].

Step 1: Visit WordPress

Go to and view the homepage for more information on what it offers.
Then, click on the “get started” button.

* WordPress is a blogging/website platform that is easy to use and setup.

Step 2: Registration

On the next page, fill out the information fields.

Ensure that under the “Blog Address”, you select the dropdown menu and click on “.com”. Type in your personal name or the desired domain name. If the first selection isn’t available, spend a few minutes thinking about the next best option.

Remember, you will have this name for a long time, and it will help with branding.

Continue to fill out all other fields and select the paid method. If you want to start with a completely free site, you can. However, there are drawbacks to this free offer.

With free WordPress subscriptions, you won’t have a personal domain name. In addition, there will be random ads placed on the site. Example: The site address will be “”

Step 3: Confirmation
After you complete all fields, please confirm by email and pay for the service.

Step 4: Setup of Blog
A. Select the site design from the preloaded templates.

Here’s how:

– Go to dashboard or manage website
– Click on left hand tab named “appearance” and click on “themes”
– View all free themes and once found, click on “activate”
– View your website and continue to next step.
* Just in case you want a more extensive selection, look at “premium” themes, and add a few more dollars for this paid design.

B. Create New Pages to Website

– Go to dashboard or manage website
– Click on “Pages”
– Edit “About” page, by hovering over it and clicking on “edit”
– Add “new” ones

* Astral Web suggests having the following pages at a minimum:
1. About
2. Contact
3. Photo Gallery / Headshots
4. Resume
5. Home
* You don’t need to add a homepage, because it’s already added and controlled by the “Posts” section.

C. Setup Settings

– Go to dashboard or manage website
– Click on left hand tab “settings”
– On “general”, edit the site title and tagline
– On “writing” select “front page displays”, “a static page” for front page, and “home”, which you created
– On “sharing” page, add any relevant Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or other social media accounts.

D. Test Website
Go to the selected domain name and do a test run.

E. Send the link to [email protected], to get the site read by search engines.
Astral Web will then proceed to get your site optimized, indexed, and ranked by top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Any questions?
Please feel free to contact me at anytime at [email protected].

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