In this article we’ll show you how to install sample data for the Magento Community Edition. This sample data is mainly used for learning about Magento and setting up data so you can test your developed themes and functionality.

* please note that importing sample data is done BEFORE you install Magento.

Let’s begin:

Step 1: Download Community Edition:

Go to and download sample data
* sample data version number is okay to be lower than you magento version

Download Magento Sample Data

Step 2: Create a MySQL Database

Go to your hosting account and create a mysql database (note your login info for later)

Create Mysql Database

Step 3: Unzip Sample Data Files on Server and Import

After you unzip your files, you will want to:

a. import .sql file via phpmyadmin (to database)

Import .sql file in phpmyadmin

b. import media folder into /media (magento main folder /media)

* you will need to first extract magento files on server (see step 4 below)

Import Media folder into Magento

Step 4: Magento Installing

(see video from other tutorial)

(see tutorial on how to install magento ce)

quick steps:
– download magento community edition
– upload to server and unzip
– copy “media” folder to magento main directory (see above step 3)
– go to url and fill out info on each screen

* Troubleshooting – if product images do not appear, go to media/ folder and rename .htaccess file (temporarily do so)

Let us know if you have any questions regarding this topic. Thanks for reading!!!

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