Here’s a straight-forward step by step guide on how to Install WordPress 3.6/3.7

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s begin!

Install WordPress on Server

Step 1: Download WordPress

Go to and click on download to get the latest wordpress files.

Download WordPress

Step 2: Upload WordPress to Server

Use your favorite FTP client to upload the files to your server. If you have downloaded a compress file, you’ll have to unzip it.

Upload Files to FTP

Step 3: Setup MYSQL Database

Go to your hosting database section and add a new database. Don’t forget to write down your login information.
* username, password, database name, hostname

Setup Mysql Database

Step 4: Define Connection information for WordPress

Go to your server via your FTP client and edit your wp-config-sample.php file. Replace file with your username, password, database name and hostname.

After you have completed filling up information, rename the file to wp-config.php

Input Database Information

Step 5: Start Installing from browser

Go to your browser and visit the url of server you have placed wordpress on.

You will arrive to a setup screen. Fill out all information and don’t forget your username and password.

Install WordPress

Step 6: Login to Site and Test Site Live

Login to backend and view frontend to test site.

Login to WordPress Admin Area

Wordpress Admin Area

Test WordPress Site for First Time

You’re awesome! You made it!!!

Setup Theme:

Step 1: Login to Admin

Login to on server.

Wordpress Admin Area

Option A – Install from wordpress existing theme

Step 2: Go to theme section

Go to appearance -> themes -> install themes

Install Theme

Step 3: Preview, Select and Install

Search for the desired theme and once you preview and are happy click on the install link and approve.

Preview Theme

Step 4: View Live site

Go to main site and confirm that theme looks good.

Test New WordPress Theme

OPTION B: Get a theme from external source (free, paid)

Step 3: Upload to Server

Go to FTP -> /wp-content/themes/ and upload theme folder

Upload Theme Via FTP

Step 4: Activate in Themes Section

Go to Admin -> Appearance -> Themes -> Manage Themes -> Available Themes and “activate”

Activate Theme

Step 5: View Live site

Go to main site and confirm that theme looks good.

Test New Theme

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