Android Tablet Honeycomb (3.0) Development

As Astral Web has known for quite awhile, Android is under the radar becoming the top mobile operating system and skyrocketing even higher than that while most people are still blinded by the IOS. We are happy to announce that Astral Web is adding to its resources additional ones for Android Development, including phone and Table Dev.

After Google I/O 2011, we have received great feedback and another spark of positive reenforcement from the developer community and specifically from the Google engineers that were extremely helpful in questions we had during the San Francisco visit.

Also, Astral Memo is days away from its launch and we will test and conduct an initial paid campaign to learn more.

Android all the way! [and a bit of Chrome web store as well [coming soon] 🙂 ]


Power of the People – Viral and Social

Working on the internet is a pleasure each and everyday and when we see expression of speech online and the amazing outreach ANY word go reach, we are always delighted.

See below the example of the …. in UCLA and how much information was created based upon this:

What a crazy world.

Don’t waste your old work – reindex

Today is another day of great optimization tips and we would like to mention the following tip:


Keeping tracv of your work is extremely important and every once in awhile we need to make sure that the search engines remember and us and ofcourse index our links and efforts.

See our links below that are not indexed and we will update the number of indexed and how long it took.

Remember, you already spent time working on them so let’s get the rankings for them

Let’s do it~

Importance of Great Title in Viral Articles

Today, our attention span has shortened tremendously from the pace we had 50 years ago. We are much better at multitasking and want more and more feeds and information quicker. The downside to this effect is that we scan everything and miss out, so for a viral marketer, we need to make every entry point count so we can get a chance to prove our point. (if only the radio producer were to hear our new song, then we would…)

An great viral title tag is golden.

We would like to present a few samples taken from

10 Most influential people on web – 2010
In Home Do-It-Yourself Small Hadron Collider (GIF)
Why you shouldn’t have your boss on Facebook (Pic)
8 Things That Suck About the iPad
A truly honest protestor [PIC]