Over the years at Astral Web, we have set up numerous websites for online shopping, marketing and other purposes.  The Astral Web platform is very versatile, enabling unique shopping experiences to suit your business.  Whether your site features women’s fashions, children’s clothing, books, purses, sports equipment, musical instruments, food and beverages, bedding supplies, shoes, bags or something else entirely, we are capable of building you a site that suits both you and your customers’ needs.

In the process of building your site, we use the latest Magento shopping cart system to facilitate the shopping operations of your site, including inventory management, classification of goods, online coupons and other functions.  Magento supports multiple languages and currencies, making it a popular choice in the United States, China and elsewhere. In addition, we provide numerous other services including SEOLocal SEOResponsive Web DesignBanner & Logo DesignSocial MediaInternet MarketingPPCWeb HostingMagento & Magento GO Transfer, as well as Custom Development.

A convenient, easy-to-shop website is a tremendous way to strengthen your Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketing.  To cement this integration further, we also provide the following services:

  • Magento

    Magento’s tremendous benefits have enabled it to gain a high market share in the United States, China and other countries.  Now Magento is available in Taiwan, bringing significant value to Taiwanese online businesses. As we are partially based in California, at Astral Web we understand the usage and advantages of Magento, and are better equipped to help you use the system. Magento features powerful expansion possibilities, easy integration, simple customization, and high security to protect both you and your customers.  Any online shopping site must meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller.  Not only is Magento a pleasure to use from the consumer’s perspective, it also features a back-end management system that is simple to use and straightforward.  Shipping methods and prices, order management, billing methods, and detailed planning are all easy to manage, even for beginners, negating the need for specialized staff to operate the backend.  For international customers, Magento supports multiple languages and currencies, as well as other functions designed to make the exporting of goods easier.  Your customers can use the intuitive browser interface to easily buy goods, and payments are fast and smooth.  Enabling a pleasant online experience fosters goodwill, thereby strengthening your relationship with your customer.

  • Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing

    A challenge when starting a new website is name recognition and awareness.  Marketing can work to overcome this challenge.  We have a variety of internet marketing channels available to help you save on marketing costs and achieve maximum advertising effectiveness.  Customers will feel more at ease purchasing items from your site if they’ve seen or heard of you before.  Whether it’s keyword advertising, blogs or fan group management, we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

  • Mobile Shopping

    Market research indicates that customers spend nearly as much shopping on their smartphones as they do on their PCs.  This should come as no surprise, given today’s ubiquity of smartphones.  The modern customer demands instant access to your site wherever they are, regardless of whether they are using a smartphone, PC, or tablet.  At Astral Web, we recognize the importance of online shopping and the opportunities it can bring your business.  We can help you make a fantastic mobile shopping site, allowing you to reach the maximum number of customers.

  • Cash Flow and Logistics

    When customers shop online, there must be a secure, convenient method for customers to pay for their goods, and there must be a way to ensure goods are properly delivered to the customer.  We provide consulting regarding this issue, enabling you to choose the most suitable way to trade.

  • Member System

    To increase customer convenience as well as maintain customer loyalty, shopping websites often use a membership system to record customer information, making it easily available on the next visit. In addition to providing our membership system, we also feature enhanced security of this information, protecting the information of your customers and preserving the image of your company.