With our diverse makeup, multi-lingual staff and products, and our knowledge of foreign markets we are uniquely positioned to provide web services that are truly valuable both to companies with an international presence, as well as those looking to expand abroad! These services include  SEOLocal SEOResponsive Web Design , Banner & Logo DesignSocial MediaInternet MarketingPPCWeb HostingMagento & Magento GO Transfer, and Custom Development.

For businesses with international markets, the following services are provided:

  • Multi-language interface

    On an international level,  multi-language interface is an essential element in allowing customers to understand your site’s content. Astral Web, in addition to providing you with a professional English interface, is capable of providing a Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and even a Hebrew interface. This multi-language interface capability has the potential to massively increase the reach of your website! The purpose of our websites is to contribute to business growth, and we are happy to help you reach out to the world in this process.

  • Internet Marketing

    Our services allow for an internet presence that is not limited by country, allowing your growth to be truly international in scope! Initially founded in the United States, our new Taiwan office uniquely positions us to effectively reach out to Asian markets.

  • Content Writing

    Astral Web’s multi-national staff knows the market so that you don’t have to. Just give us your information, and we can help you write engaging, rich web content to effectively connect you with new markets.

  • ERP Systems

    For large international companies, we provide ERP services for integration of everything from real-time data and planning, to operation and management your site.